About Us

E-library is an online resource that provides access to a wide range of quality books, journals, novels, articles, or any other information in digital form. Either be a student for their research or a general user, everybody can get access to the information sitting at their home or anywhere else at any time via the internet. The E-library gives freedom to the user to gain knowledge of their choice as it provides free and open resources. Unlike, the traditional library where only a few users can use the same book at once, E-library provides access to use the single document to multiple users.

" जनक जानकीक पावन भूमि अपन जनकपुरधाम संस्कृति सभ्यता एतुक्का अछि हमर पहिचान जनसेवा अछि धर्म कर्म सबके मान सम्मान सुन्दर स्वच्छ समृद्ध नगर हाे इएह हमर अभियान जयजय जनकपुरधाम - ८ "

At ancient time, the education system completely relied on the ‘Gurukul System’ where the Guru with enormous knowledge imparts the students with the skills and education they required for the future. Not all the children got the opportunity to learn and those who got an opportunity they totally had to depend on the teacher. But now the scenario has totally changed as the students have a diverse vision in gaining the knowledge. Students don’t only depend on teachers. Their search for knowledge has broadened in terms of resources available. And now with the advancement in the computer and internet technology, their dream of having accessible integral sources of knowledge from anywhere and anytime has become today’s reality. Following the technology, Janakpur, a sub-metropolitan city has now introduced the e-library system “Gyankup” as free and open resources concerning the people regardless of any age.

Gyankup is web-based system developed with the aim to provide the essential educational materials where users can facilitate the access to information and various data collections, allowing them to perform searches for their queries. The digital storage of documents, books, audios and videos on Gyankup allows the contents to be accessed no matter how many times a user demand. Even novice users can start using this system to carry out their searches independently.